At Upavan, your Wayanad travel will be very much exciting since we arrange for a wide variety of activities like Trekking, Wild life safari, Boating, Bird watching, Sightseeing and Tribal village visit. Professional trekkers will accompany you during trekking to make sure that you never miss any important spots.

We offer Wild life safari where you will get a chance of to see different rare animals and birds that constitute the Wayanad wildlife. Boating at Pookode lake will be an experience of a life time.


The guest can experience the archery with the traditional bow and arrow with different kinds of bows used by the natives. A real stress buster activity filled with thrill and excitement.

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Bamboo Arena

This is the major attraction of Upavan resort. An area on top of the resort which portraits the life of the natives in Wayanad. Once you get there the guest can enjoy the peace and tranquility along with the stunning picturesque beauty of the surroundings. The guest can enjoy the Culture, color and cuisine of the natives as well as different traditional art forms will be performed on special days.

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Trekking along the hills and forests of Wayanad is a truly refreshing experience and is most suitable for nature lovers and avid explorers. Upavan takes much pleasure in arranging safe and enjoyable trekking experiences for our privileged guests. We always arrange for professional trekkers and guides from Wayanad locality to accompany you through a number of trekking trails that Wayanad has to offer. Your guide would ensure that you have seen all the interesting locations that the trail has to offer which you may fail to see if you trek individually. Trekking as an activity in Wayanad, may extend for a day or even multiple days if you combine camping along with it.
We arrange trekking activities based on the fitness level of our visitors.

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A safari at the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is another thrilling and exciting experience that Wayanad has to offer. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a part of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve and is adjacent to three other protected areas of Bandipur, Nagarhole, and Mudumalai. The sanctuary falls under project Elephant that was launched to save the declining tusker population. Theforests in these parts consist of a wide variety of wildlife including elephants, gaur, cheetal, dholes, jackals, tigers and otters. Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is located in one of the less populated Kerala districts and adds special charm to the place.
Upavan arranges vehicles along with a local guide to visit the sanctuary. The best time to spot animals is in the early hours of morning and also evening. Ideally you would start your trip by 6:00 AM in the morning for spotting more wild life. Upavan arranges all requirements for its guests to enjoy a pleasurable wildlife safari at Wayanad.

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Boating is another exciting activity that one can indulge in during their stay at Wayanad. Wayanad’sPookote Lake, surrounded by mountain slopes, offers a serene and scenic experience that should not be missed. The lake treats you to a calm atmosphere with a gentle breeze filled with the aroma of the surrounding herbs and trees while you view vast stretches of mist - capped mountains, green valley meadows and wild forests.
Boating at Pookotelake is a guest favorite thanks to the serene environment on offer. Upavan arranges excellent boating facilities for its guests in this vast natural lake.
Another excellent tourist attraction in Wayanad is the Lakkidi Ghat Pass which is the gate Way of Wayanad which is 700m above sea level. KuruvaDweep, which is an evergreen forest surrounded by Kabini, the beautiful river is another gorgeous tourist attraction in Wayanad. This place features rare species of birds, herbs and orchids.

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Bird watching is an exciting activity for nature lovers and especially children. The avifaunal species that could be spotted in the forests of Wayanad include the crested serpent eagle, the crested hawk eagle, theMalabar grey hornbill and king vultures.One can also spot a large number of water birds, birds of prey and singing birds of all colors and sizes in the forests and of Wayanad.
The best time for bird watching is during the spring or fall migrations when many different varieties of birds can be observed. During spring, large numbers of birds travel into Wayanad for nesting locations. The best time of the day for bird watching is early morning since the birds are more active and vocal and are easily spotted during the dawn. It is important to note that weather plays a significant role in the occurrence of rare birds.

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Wayanad has number of unique spots and attraction that is a must-see for all nature lovers. The sheer number of attractions once can visit in Wayanad, be it waterfalls, lakes, temples or sanctuaries is what makes this location special in the travel map of India. Chembra peak which is the highest point in Wayanad is a beautiful peak and is a must visit spot during your visit to Wayanad. The trek up the mountains and through the forests to reach the peak is a truly exhilarating experience that avid trekkers would love. One can also see a unique heart shaped lake half way up the trek,a favorite spot among trekkers and photographers.
Another attraction in Wayanad not to be missed is the Pazhassi Raja tomb which serves as the memorial of Pazhassi Raja famously known as the lion of Kerala. One can also make a visit to the Banasura dam which is the largest earth dam in India.
Other tourist places in Wayanad includePakshipathalam, Pookote Lake, Anantnathaswami Temple, Koottamunda Glass Temple, Sultan Batthery, Muthanga, Wildlife Sanctuary, Ambukuthy range, Vishnu Temple at Thirunelli, Meenmutty Falls, Suchipara and Kanthampara falls, Pazhassi Raja tomb, Padinjarathara dam and Begur Wildlife Sanctuary.
At Upavan we arrange excellent sightseeing trips for our esteemed guests. We try our best to accommodate all these tourists’ spots in our sightseeing packages.

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The largest number of aborigine population of Kerala resides in Wayanad. The Adivasis of Wayanad tribal comprise of Paniyas, Adiyars, Kurichyas, Kurumas, Kattunaikkans, and Ooralis. These tribal of Wayanad reside in houses made of mud, thatched roof, bamboo and brick.
The important resource of the tribal localities of Wayanad is their indigenous streams of holistic herbal medicine which is of very high medicinal value. Adivasis further exhibit a rich heritage of arts and crafts. Their artistic exhibits include their unique music, dances, handicraft and ornamentation. There paintings include rich exhibits of natural themes.
The Wayanad tribal sect by name of Kurichyas also has a grand martial arts tradition. Pazhassi Raja’s army constituted of Kurichyas warriors and they actively participated in several battles against the British.
At Upavan, We often organize visits to tribal villages in Wayanad for the multi cultural guest to know and appreciate the Kerala tribal heritage. As a part of our responsible tourism intitiative we also take our guests to the tribal market visit for them to appreciate and learn the life style of tribal locals residing in Wayanad.

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